Coulter hits out at Gaelic Players’ Association.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

IT still amazes me that the GAA got away with the introduction of the new Super Eights in the All-Ireland championship for next year.

This will only benefit the bigger teams and it will also ensure that county players play a lot less football for their clubs over the next three years.

The GAA have left April free for all club activities and all county footballers to go back to their clubs for that month, but that simply will not happen and for county managers why would you be happy with your players going back to their clubs full time in April?

It is very important for county players to get that period with the county team as it is normally the best time to get a bit of fitness work done and also to clear up any wee injuries that may have been picked up in the National League.

I feel that the more games in a condensed period of time will have more of an impact on how many games county players will play for their clubs.

I would hope in Down that the clubs are big enough to continue playing on without their county players. This year when games were cancelled it made a complete farce towards the end of the season, with club teams not fielding and players having to play games in November time when there was nothing to play for.

Looking at the Leinster hurling final on Sunday and seeing the physical appearance of champions Cuala they really do look and follow the blueprint of the Dublin senior footballers.

They are all very lean, but strong and also very fit and fast, which is what our players now should be.

For years we were bringing in rugby strength and conditioning coaches as well as rugby coaches to work on our footballers but I'm glad to see that is now phasing itself out.

Gaelic footballers no longer need to be like bodybuilders as those days are long gone - thank God.

Colm O'Rourke hit out at the GPA last week about the amount of money some of the employees that work for them are getting paid and I think he has a very valid point.

They are paid substantial amounts of money off the back of this organisation, which was set up to look after the players.

In my time playing county football I never really got into what they had to offer and I was very vocal in not supporting their strike 10 years ago.

For me the GPA do some decent work but the are always calling on big players from the big teams and never really go into the lower tiers for players to promote stuff for them, which I think is wrong.

It is normally players from the big teams who get the big gigs in the south, and until that changes I will continue to feel this way.



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