New chairman and new championship format in Armagh.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

New chairman and new championship format in Armagh. thumbnailMICKEY Savage, left, is Armagh’s elected County chairman being congratulated by outgoing chairman Paul McArdle at Thursday’s annual convention at An Port Mor.

ARMAGH have a new County chairman and will have a different Championship format next year.

Clady 's Mickey Savage became the unopposed County chairman after Paul Duggan's term came to an end at the Annual Convention in An Port Mor's club.

Savage is a long serving Armagh committee member, proud Clady man and committed county supporter.

One of the motions passed is changing the old Championship backdoor format to a league format where there will be four groups of four teams.

Teams will be seeded on basis of where they finish in All-County League, such as teams finishing the league in first, second, third and fourth place shall be seeded in Pot One.

Teams finishing the league in fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth place will be seeded in Pot Two and while ninth, tenth, 11th and 12th will go to Pot Three and 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th place go into Pot Four.

Each group shall have one team from each Pot and they will play each other once with a total of three games in each group. B League teams will have two home games.

The winner of each group qualifies for quarter-final, while the second and third place teams go into a play-off round, while the fourth placed teams exits the Championship.

The winners of the play-off rounds will face group winners in the Championship quarter-finals, from which stage is knockout competition.

The change has received mixed responses considering the current system has seen two new Senior Championship winners in as many years.

Also Down tried a similar round robin system within the last five years, which resulted in dead rubber final rounds, in front of paltry crowds.

Armagh secretary Paul Duggan described the Orchard County's achievements as heroic given the lack of funds.

"The greatest challenge facing Armagh is financial," said Duggan.

"We do not have the resources to compete with other counties but if we want to be successful we must be adequately financially resourced. There has been colossal efforts made in relation to our financial position over recent years. To have achieved what we have done has been heroic."

With the strategic review almost finished Duggan is asking members to row behind the findings.

"We are just completing a period of strategic review.

Sincere thanks to all those volunteers who sat on different groups dissecting our current practices and suggesting improvements," Dugan said.

"Let's get behind the outcomes of this period of reflection and commit to implementing the recommendations."

Armagh GAA's elected officers:

Chairman: Michael Savage
Vice-Chairman: Liam Ross
Secretary: Paul Duggan
Assistant Secretary: Sean McAlinden
Treasurer: Peter Murphy
Assistant Treasurer: Thomas Hamill
Development Officer: Padraig Haughey
Coaching Officer: Barry Watters
Irish Officer: vacant
PRO: Claire Shields
Hurling Officer: David O'Brien.


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