Statsports make mark in USA

Peter Bayne


Peter Bayne


Tuesday 23 November 2021 11:50

By Caoimhe Fitzpatrick

SUCCESS breeds success, as Newry’s Statsports debut their first-ever U.S advertising campaign in Times Square.

The world’s leading company in GPS performance has launched the FIFA-approved sports tracking device, the Apex Athlete Series.

The launch of their TV advert was on Sunday 14th November, during the National Women’s Soccer League playoff semi-final.

The advert unveiled the new ambassadors, global football icons, Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan. The advert shows these new athlete ambassadors pushing their bodies to limits in training while wearing the Apex Athlete Series pod and vest.

Paul McKernan, Managing Director, spoke of the the company’s excitement about making a mark in the US and exclaims that “this is just the start of it.”

“It’s amazing, we have been working for a long time on how to attack the US and with the marketing and consumer team that we have coupled with our team in the USA this is just the start of it.”

Paul said how delighted Statsports are to welcome their two new female ambassadors;

“We welcomed our new amazing American ambassadors, Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan who in recent interviews spoke so authentically about our product. They talk about metrics that are completely unique to us, meters per minute, speed, that is a new language for a lot of people. It’s great to have people who wear our product, who are at an international and club level.

It’s one thing talking to me and me singing the praises of our product it but it’s so much better when it comes authentically from an athlete, sports scientist, or a club. When we are looking for people, to advertise we want them to have used our product and see the value of it, it’s hugely important to us.”

Statsports are also no stranger to working with the best of the best in the industry;

“Our product is being used by all the elite clubs around the world, the likes of Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City are customers of ours and we know it’s not a coincidence. We have the best product around and we want to work with the best athletes. We worked added with the New York Yankees earlier this year and the New York Mets, they are huge brands. For a company in Newry trying to do big things on a global scale, it’s great to be not only associated with them those kinds of brands but adding value to them, that’s the huge a thing from our point of view.”

Statsports have recently signed a partnership with Irelands most popular membership management platform, Clubforce, and are looking forward to the exciting prospects to follow;

“We are picky selective when it comes to who we work partner with as we have built a brand working with elite teams, we want to make sure everything that we do is real and authentic. Working with Clubforce does do that, our consumer team are looking to sell to, GAA, soccer clubs, rugby clubs throughout Ireland and they can work with Clubforce on that.”

Although, McKernan believes people “don’t speak enough about the amount of talent that there is in the Newry area.”

“We have a lot of advertisements around Newry, and we try to work local as much as we can, some of our suppliers are in Northern Ireland and South of Ireland. We don’t speak about enough the amount of talent that there is in Newry and Dundalk areas, First Derivatives, ourselves and lots of companies around here are bringing world class talent, for a city sitting on the border we are operating on a global scale.”

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