Charity shop targeted in daylight robbery

Michael Scott


Michael Scott


Tuesday 11 September 2018 9:15

A BRAZEN thief has stolen the contents of a till belonging to a Newry city centre charity shop.

The Good Space in Marcus Street, which is operated by the Space charity, was robbed on Wednesday.

It's the second time the charity's shops have been targeted recently. Their 'Love Your Space' shop in Monaghan Street was also robbed.

The Marcus Street shop, which also acts as a training for life centre, opened in March. It offers young people with additional needs a springboard to boost their confidence, self-esteem and employability prospects through their workshops and the production of their bespoke range of candles which are made by the young people themselves.

Outlining what happened, a post on their Facebook page said: “[On Wednesday] a young man entered our shop in Marcus Street - a local charity and workshop that exists to help young people with additional needs learn social and enterprise skills.

“This young man with lovely red hair distracted the staff member and returned to steal the contents of the till.

“The staff member gave chase but our red haired friend met up with another and together they ran off.

“We have been too busy to get the CCTV hooked up,too busy running summer schemes and too busy supporting local children, families and older people to prioritise CCTV - we know we should have done it but we didn’t - our priorities were else where!

“What sort of a young man robs a community project? A Charity? Are things so bad that you had to steal ? Our staff member thankfully was not hurt, she did the best she could to stop you, but you were intent on being a thief.”

The spokesperson outlined the details of the earlier incident in Monaghan Street, saying that a gentleman robbed the shop, “demanding stock from the window display whilst his mate ran off with the contents from the till”.

Despite the incidents the charity says that they are determined not to be deterred from their good work and hope to make an example of the man involved.

“We are sad, sad that fundraising is such a tough gig! Rattling tins and selling raffle tickets and packing bags can be hard, yet someone like our red haired friend feels it’s okay to smash and grab what is clearly not his and expect to get away with it.

“Sir with the red hair you shook us, you upset our staff and young people and thankfully you are identified in a local CCTV footage - we hope to get the chance to show you our young people, to invite you to talk with our Senior Citizens and hear what you have to say about your cowardly act!

“Shame on you!”

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