Newry Group ask authorities to deal with Precious Life protest at Clinic

Peter Bayne


Peter Bayne


Tuesday 23 March 2021 7:13

MOVE your protest away from John Mitchel Place in Newry and stop harassing and recording staff.

A clear message from the ‘Supporting Women Newry’ Group to members of ‘Precious Life’ as protests continued outside the Newry clinic yesterday, Monday.

Speaking ahead of the protest, a spokesperson for ‘Supporting Women Newry’ expressed deep concern that the authorities had allowed ‘Precious Life’ to gather in numbers during a period of Covid 19 restrictions currently in place.

“We have deep reservations about their (Precious Life) presence again in Newry and are calling on relevant local authorities to deal with this matter in the appropriate manner.

“Whilst we are in a global pandemic, these individuals are gathering in our city, harassing our women and yet there are no repercussions.

“This has been going on too long now and it shouldn’t have had to take the citizens of Newry to stand together to make the relevant agencies stand up to their statutory responsibilities, to both the women using the wide variety of services and the staff providing them.

“This is a fraught and highly emotive time and we ask that anyone who needs to use the clinic and requires guidance to get in touch with us.

“To The people of Newry all we ask is that if you are driving past toot your horn twice to show support for the Women of Newry and to let precious life know that you disagree with the harassment of women and our NHS staff.

“If you’re walking past show your support but please do not engage in matching hate with hate.

“At supporting women Newry we want the intimidation and harassment to stop.

Our request is reasonable and few:

1.Move your protest away from the clinic.

2.Stop harassing and recording staff.

3. Stop bullying the Women on Newry.”

In a statement the PSNI commented: “Police are aware of a protest in the John Mitchel place area of Newry earlier today (Monday 22 March) and were present to ensure that no breaches of the Health Protection Regulations took place.

Inspector Adam Corner said: “Officers engaged with organisers and those in attendance and warned them of the consequences of breaching the regulations.. Everyone needs to continue to follow public health guidance to help suppress the transmission of Covid 19 to support and protect communities and the Health Service.”

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