The benefits of creative writing

Peter Bayne


Peter Bayne


Thursday 11 November 2021 8:51

Creative writing is a fantastic activity that helps improve story structure, grammar and punctuation skills.

Additionally, it is a fun way in which children can express their thoughts and emotions. The good news is that creative writing can be easily done at home.

Story Mountains

It is important that children plan their story before writing it. Story mountain templates are a perfect way to do this and can be found online. They help structure a piece of writing and visually highlight the flow of a story. Story mountains usually start with an area to create the main characters and setting. Following this, story mountains prompt the writer to plan the opening, problem/dilemma, resolution, and finally, the ending/moral.

The story mountain promotes a natural flow, going up and down the mountain to avoid jumping back and forth between a story's key components.

Use a Storyboard

Another technique that is useful in improving creative writing is the use of a storyboard. Storyboards are similar to story mountains as they organise the narrative’s structure, with the main difference being the use of drawings. For children who struggle with writing, I usually ask them to think of a story they know well, such as Jack and the Beanstalk. Next, children draw a storyboard for this traditional tale while being encouraged to be as creative as possible. Examples include changing Jack to a girl called Jill and the Giant to a wicked witch. Storyboards provide the perfect opportunity to appeal to whatever specific interests they may have.

Choose Areas for Focus

In the beginning, refrain from being over critical of grammar and punctuation as you do not want to damage confidence or love for writing. In the second or third piece, you can discuss areas of focus. A focus may be spelling, but you mustn't highlight every spelling mistake. Instead, select up to ten spellings you feel they should know and ask them to correct these. You could even allow your child to use a dictionary or tablet to encourage them. You can include numerous areas in your checklist, such as the use of capital letters and full stops for younger children and semi-colons/colons for older children. I recommend researching what the expectations are for your child's age group. If you require assistance on this, please feel free to contact me.

Reading has numerous benefits such as improving concentration, vocabulary and comprehension, spelling, imagination and escapism, to name a few. Reading also has a significant influence on creative writing skills, as it helps children become familiar with characters, settings, plots, twists and pace of writing.

Transfer Tests Start this Week

Good luck to Education Support Hub's pupils sitting the Transfer Tests in the next few weeks. Children will be sitting the GL test this Saturday, and the AQE tests will be held on Saturday 21st November, Saturday 27th November and Saturday 4th December. Regardless of any outcomes, you have all been amazing and I have been honoured to share this journey with you. Your hard work and determination have been so inspirational, and I hope that you really enjoy your big day. A special mention must be given to the P7 children in the Newry area. Although you will not be sitting the tests, everything you did will help your transition to the big school. Sometimes it can be disheartening to prepare for something that will not happen, but you did not let this stop you, which is something that I truly admire.

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Daniel Guiney

Education Support Hub Founder


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