"I am thankful I have all that I need"

Thursday 9 December 2021 8:00

NHTH visitor believes that “it’s important to be positive ”during these difficult times, writes Caoimhe Fitzpatrick.

It is difficult for so many families this time of year as many are unable to give their family the Christmas they want. I spoke with a lady who is a regular visitor to the Newry Helping the Homeless. Thelady wishses to be kept anonymous but wanted to state how grateful she was for NHTH. Originally she is from Pakistan but has lived in Newry for 10 years. This woman was not in fact homeless, like a lot of people she is struggling due to loosing her job because of the pandemic.

However, the positivity radiated out of this woman and she was just so grateful for what she had and believes if you have a home, family and food “you are rich.”

"Especially because of the coronavirus Newry Helping the Homeless have been very good to me. People do not have much work or have lost their jobs like myself. I use to be a beautician but then when coronavirus hit, I stopped working. It had such an effect on me and my family. My husband still works though as a taxi man. I was so thankful that I found this place as it has made such a difference and really helped me so, so much.

This community helps me and give me food and I am so grateful for them especially coming up to Christmas time as I am married and have 3 kids. I think it’s important to be positive, if you have house to sleep in and you have family and any kind of food in front of you then you are very rich. Now not every day of my life is good, but nobodies’ life is always good, we all have ups and downs.

“I shop in charity shops for my clothes as I don’t go out and don’t need fancy clothes, I just need clothes that will keep me warm. It would be nice to have money but I think I am more grateful for what I have because I have little money.

“If I had more money I would use it to buy a car and see more of the world, I don’t understand ow people can spend so much on one thing like a fancy car or a fancy phone.

“I don’t have an expensive car or big house with 13 bedrooms, but I don’t need that, I am thankful I have all that I really need.

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