MEP Elzbieta Katarzyna Lukacijewska offers her home to Ukrainian refugees

Tuesday 15 March 2022 19:41

Polish MEP Elżzbieta Katarzyna Łukacijewska has offered up one of her homes to a 7 refugees fleeing from the horrors in Ukraine.

Elżzbieta Katarzyna ŁUKACIJEWSKA has been serving as a Member of the European Parliament since 2009 and is a member of the EPP.

Elzżbieta spoke during a debate on ‘The deterioration of the situation of refugees as a consequence of the Russian aggression against Ukraine.’

Elżzbieta stated “Today we have a special day for Ukrainian women because some of them shoulder to shoulder with Ukrainian men are fighting for their independence while others are fleeing leaving their houses behind to save the lives of their loved ones. Others are crying over dead children. I cannot understand why the world is supporting criminals.

Elżzbieta continued “The bravery of the Ukrainian president, of the Ukrainian nation should point us in the right direction, it is not dignified to keep feeding Putin and be unwilling to apply sanctions. It is dignified what is done by thousands of Polish people and Europeans, who open their hearts, who open their homes. From this place I would like to thank the residents of my Podkarpacie region, which boarders Ukraine, for your heart, support and help. I thank local government officials, volunteers and NGOs.”

“To all of those supporting Poland in assistance to Ukraine, we have received over a million people as of today. They all need housing, education, workplaces, psychological assistance. They also need information on when their lives can go back to normal, and it turns out that this is not going to be anytime soon.

“So, I am calling up on the European Union politicians to please provide actual help and assistance, financial assistance to local government, to NGO’s and to people without money. Without political support we are going to have more pain and multiple more tragedy.”

I was able to have a quick chat with Elzżbieta Łukacijewska to discuss how like so many generous people over Europe she has offered one of her homes to 7 refugees fleeing from Ukraine.

Elzżbieta exclaimed:“Many refugees came from Ukraine to my region, and I opened my house to seven refugees, 3 women and four children. Many of my neighbours did the same. Everyday the situation is getting more and more dangerous, and more refugees are coming to Poland. Right now, and everywhere in Poland the cost of living is increasing. Nobody knows how long though that Polish people will be able to manage it.

“Many people in the European Union don't understand that the situation is very, very dangerous, not just for the Ukraine people but for peace within Europe.”

I then asked about the importance of women in Parliament:

“We women in Parliament, we are very strong, myself and Frances are aware and understand how big the fight and what we must do to help women all over Europe.. We must fight for rule of law, for sexual education and abortion.”

It is clear that on this International Women’s Day we really have truly inspiring women in Parliament leading the way for a brighter future.

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