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Wednesday 4 May 2022 11:08

Join The Treinfhir Clann as they set to hold their second group reunion this June.

Are you curious about your family tree? Is your second name Treanor, or one of the many variations of it? This is the perfect group for you to join.

The Treinfhir Clann is a group connected through the various versions of the surname Mac Threinfhir, be that Traynor, Treanor, Trenor, Trainor, McCreanor and the many other variations.

The group was started by Ted Trainer, a resident of Kennebunk, in Maine in the USA, who was curious to find out more about his family tree. He had found out on his journey that one if his ancestors was from Cootehill, Ireland. He found out that David Treanor of Cootehill emigrated to the United States in 1764, and through a process of assimilation, the name was changed, and an alternative background invented. Upon finding this information Ted decided to create a Facebook page for people with similar family origins.

Through the popularity of the page this led to an organised reunion in Monaghan is 2019, Ted visited Cootehill and then to Monaghan.

The page is now run by joint Chair members Noel Treanor from Rathfarnam and Noel Treanor from Ballywolverhampton. Currently the group page has over 3.6 thousand members and is growing by the day. Noel has also introduced the reunion idea and is organising the groups second Clann Gathering, based in Monaghan.

This is following a very successful inaugural event in 2019. The event will take place between June 9th and 12th 2022.

The gatherings will offer members to take part in multiple events, this includes tours that would be of interest to the members, talks by experts on subjects of note and entertainment.

This will involve the likes of a photography tour, a Monaghan walking tour, a golf tournament, a tour of Newry, the Mournes and Carlingford and much more!

One tour the group took in their 2019 gathering was a walk through Errigal Cemetary. The group were able to view the information for each marked headstone of their Treanor ancestors from 100’s of years prior. It was a time to reflect on the members of their clann who are no longer with them.

Amongst the activities the group also assist interested members with genealogy and have sophisticated DNA projects. Therefore, allowing you find out more about your far-out family tree.

Although they can use their DNA project to find many new connections for some members sometimes it can be challenging.

“Yes, I think our greatest frustration is for example, we have one lady, whose grandfather won the Victoria Cross, and she knows that this is a connection. However, she is very frustrated with the situation as she cannot get far in her journey. “The Y-chromosomes are passed from father to son virtually unchanged, males can trace their patrilineal ancestry by testing their Y-chromosome.

“Therefore, because she is a woman, and she has not got any males within her family on this side, she cannot trace further. So, she finds it very stirring to be back at the group events, but at the same time one of long-term goals is to develop a system whereby we can combine genealogical research with DNA testing and so basically join the dots.”

The Treinfhir Book Project Team also now have three volumes of their formal publication. Each has many Treinfhir authors, and they both give insights to the individuals and to our family. The volumes are : ‘What’s in a name?’, ‘Memories, Deep and True’ and ‘Native Shores.’ These volumes are all available online and the printed versions will be available in time for the gathering.

Noel Treanor exclaimed the importance of these gatherings and why he encourages people to join this group:

“The lesson that we learnt after the first reunion was that nothing stirs the soul like standing on a spot that you knew your ancestors stood on and knowing they saw the same view.

“The people that attend get very emotional, and that’s why we are doing this. Yes, we are promoting tourism where tourism is less promoted, but that is no the ultimate objective. The ultimate objective is to make connections and give people a link to their past.”

“It's about making emotional connections. You are talking to people who you know are originally from the same place as you.”

The gatherings have become an event for people who perhaps may not have any family and are wishing to build new connections.

However, because of covid the groups have had to put on hold the physical gatherings, and like many have adapted to zoom calls. This allowed for much more significant online engagement from people in North America, the UK and indeed Costa Rica. However, the group are very much looking forward to a physical reunion next month.

If you wish to join the group on their journey or find out more information you can find the full details on

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