Warning: dangerous jellyfish washed up on Rostrevor beach

Wednesday 20 July 2022 15:14

Warning to community as the dangerous Lion's Mane jellyfish has been spotted on Rostrevor beach.

Photos have been circulating on social media and people are expressing their views and concerns on the new lough visitor.

Many have identified the species as a Lions Mane Jellyfish. The Lion's Mane jellyfish is not only the largest jelly specie in the world but also harbours a powerful sting that it uses to catch its prey.

The supposed Lion's Mane jellyfish has been spotted numerous times by local passers-by and many have taken to Facebook to express their views on the new invader.

One local resident expressed her concern under the Facebook post, "That looks like lion's mane. There is no doubt more in the Lough. A nasty sting. Dog owners also need to be aware and keep their pets well away from them as their sting can cause an array of symptoms and veterinary treatment is often required.

With the welcoming of the gorgeous sunny weather many of us will be heading off the beach but caution care is advised. Keep an eye on your little ones and pets as even if the creature is dead the tentacles retain their potent sting and therefore, they should not be touched under any circumstances. If your pet does come into contact with the jellyfish, they must receive vestiary care immediately.

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