Mysterious light appears in Bessbrook Mill window

Mysterious light appears in Bessbrook Mill window part 1

Wednesday 20 July 2022 16:05

What you are seeing is a somewhat unnerving video shot by one Mr John Davis at the disused Bessbrook Mill in the Village of County Armagh which appears to show a mysterious bright light that Mr Davis claims has been manifesting in the window for the past decade from as early as dusk to as late as dawn.

John is at a complete loss to explain what this light is and would like to assure us all that he has exhausted any and all possible lines of enquiry to try and get to the bottom of what could potentially be causing this light anomaly. There has been absolutely no power going into the building that could generate the light since the army left the building in 2007. Mr Davis has also been inside the room where the light has been manifesting for the past decade on numerous occasions and there is nothing inside the room that could be reflecting the light, nor is there anything inside that could be creating the light by itself. The army requisitioned Bessbrook Mill during the troubles as a barracks, however after they left in 2007, they took all their equipment and gear with them. Mr Davis has checked the room in which this light has been manifesting to determine if any old equipment that the army may have left behind could be creating this light however there is absolutely no equipment of any variety in the room in question, nor any object that could be generating or reflecting the light inn question. Also, to debunk the idea that the light could be being generated by someone entering the mill when they shouldn't, Mr Davis has on numerous occasions shined an extremely high-power torch over to the window in question but the light has remained in place nonetheless.  If someone is trespassing into the Bessbrook Mill when they shouldn't be then not only are they scared away by this light that Mr Davis has been shining over to the two windows in question, but if what Mr Davis has told us is indeed accurate, then they have been doing so consistently for the past ten years almost every night.

Mr Davis is also keen recreational photographer and thus he began to rigorously photograph the appearance of this light since it started to appear in 2012. Whilst reviewing a photograph he captured of the light in on November 7 last year ( just eight days after Halloween) he noticed something rather peculiar in one photo that he captured. Manifesting just below the light in question is what clearly appears to be a disembodied human face complete with eyes, nose, mouth hair and jawlines hovering in mid-air below the light. Upon further inspection by ourselves of the photos that Mr Davis provided we have also discovered what appears to be additional faces in two other photographs that were taken just before and after the photo of the face in question was captured.

I myself paid a visit to Mr Davis house last week at 11pm to witness this phenomenon for myself. At 11.30 am whilst looking through a pair of binoculars at the window in question where Mr Davis claims the light has been manifesting I myself saw this strange fluorescent phenomenon with my own two eyes. The light itself did not at all remain static as after appearing it began to move back and forth from the left-hand side of the window pane to the centre of the glass in very smooth patterns. If I didn't know better, I would say that the light was exhibiting signs of sentience as it was almost as if it was peaking back and forth from behind the window frame to the centre of the window in question. I will be the first to admit that I am a hardened sceptic when it comes to anything of the paranormal nature but even, I am at a loss to explain what it is I saw. I rigorously questioned Mr Davis on any and all light sources that I noticed within even the slightest proximity of the Mill to determine if this light could be being generated from an external source nearby to the structure  but Mr Davis has already told me that he has  looked into any and all light sources nearby and he cannot find a rational explanation to explain the source of the light.

If you think you can provide a rational explanation for what it is Mr Davis has caught on camera feel free to get in contact with us.

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